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Dec 24, 2019


Ryan Pennington is the Lieutenant-Paramedic currently serving with the Charleston WV. Fire Department. Ryan is assigned to Ladder 456 in the Kanawha City area of Charleston. He has over 22 years of fire-EMS experience serving in various types of departments and has been serving the Charleston WV Fire Department for 11 years. 


Ryan has lectured and trained thousands of firefighters and fire departments from across the United States and internationally both at their departments and at large conferences like Firehouse Expo,FDIC, Firehouse World, and FDIC Atlantic (Canada).   He has been published in FireRescue Magazine, Fire Engineering, Firefighting in Canada Magazine,Firehouse, among others and has been interviewed on the top firefighter training podcasts and radio shows in the country. 


He is the founder of which is the leading Heavy Content Response website for fire departments worldwide.  


Ryan blogs and podcasts about the views of a street level firefighter at and hosts a weekly podcast at Jumpseat Radio. 


To Learn more about Heavy Content Firefighting and options for training your fire department, go to or Contact Ryan at and on twitter at @jumpseatviews

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